Wednesday, August 1, 2012

REVIEW: The Kia Rio 5 Door!

Here is my review for the Kia Rio 5 Door! I was thrilled to review the Kia Optima last year and was anxious to drive the much smaller and more economical Kia Rio!

I was immediately drawn to the look of the Kia Rio 5 Door! It reminded me of my first car, a Honda Civic Hatchback from 1993! Clearly the stylish Rio blew my first car out of the water! Plus the standard 17-alloys didn't either either! The redesigned look for the Rio doesn't make one think about it's affordability! It is definitely one of the best looking small cars around!

Now, don't let the small size of the Rio fool you! This car is roomy and provides a smooth ride! In fact, it felt like driving a much larger car. I was impressed with how solidly the Kia handled on the roads and freeways in the Orange County area!
There is plenty of leg room in the front, but I was impressed with how surprisingly roomy the back seat is!
Taking a look at the trunk space. The Rio has a decent sized trunk for such a small car!
Definitely not meant for a lot of luggage! This car would be perfect for a quick weekend trip for two! And it has no problem holding groceries!
The UVO System was quite impressive! It's all voice activated and I had a blast using my own voice to make phone calls and select channels on Sirius! It was very intuitive! I hope to be able to try this system out again!
The temperature control system is nicely laid out. The system is easy to use in both day and night! The temperatures in my area where in the upper 80s to low 90s and the air conditioning worked outstandingly well!
I love that the Rio also has these two 12V outlets to go along with an auxiliary cable as well as an USB connection! You do need Kia's USB cable as it does not accept an Apple USB cable for instance.
I love that the Rio has a rear view camera just like it's bigger brother the Optima! I think this is a surprising feature to see on a small car and is very much welcomed!
 Nicely laid out steering wheel!I found the controls easy to use. The dashboard was easy to read during the night and even during the day!
 Love that this feature of estimating how many more miles you can drive before you need to refuel is carried over to the Rio from the Optima! I used this setting more than any other!
Even though the Kia is rated at 30 mpg in the city and 40 mpg on the highway, I only averaged 29 mpg! But then again I drove mostly on city streets!

Overall, the Kia Rio 5 Door is a very fun car to drive! The four cylinder engine has a lot of get-up and go! Its stylish features both inside and out make you forget it's suppose to be a small, affordable car! It totally holds its own against the Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and Ford Fiesta.

Once again, Kia makes driving fun! And isn't that what driving is suppose to be about?

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