Saturday, April 28, 2012

DCA Construction: Soarin' Over California 1998-1999

As Disney California Adventure Park nears the end of a $1 billion plus expansion, I thought it would a great time to take a look back as the park was being built! Here is a look at the building of Soarin' Over California!
 One of the first pieces of concept art for California Soarin'. That's right, it was going to be called California Soarin'. I'm sure with California Screamin' that no one wanted two similar sounding attractions in the same park.

Starting with the very last day of the year in 1998, the big hole in the ground to the right of the monorail is the start of Soarin' Over California!
Jumping ahead by nearly four months, it doesn't look like too much has been done. Near the center of the photo you can see part of the support structure for Soarin' Over California. It is the black support beam on the ground in the center of the photo.

A month later, you can see part of the Grand Californian coming up. It is the structure to the top right of the photo next to the Soarin' Over California hole in the ground.

A week later you can now see the support structure is starting to go up!

Moving ahead by 4 months you can see that now familiar shape of the Soarin' Over California building is really taking shape!
And to wrap things up, here is a great photo I took in March on 2012! How fitting to take a photo of Soarin' Over California from the air!

I hope you enjoyed this quick look back! There will be more photos in the very near future!


  1. Nice pictures. The development was so rock-solid.

  2. A picture speaks a thousand words. This one is sure proof of the same. What say??

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