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4K Digital Review: All of Us Strangers


Adam (Andrew Scott) is a TV screenwriter living in London. He is not only struggling with his writing but still dealing with the loss of his parents at a very young age. One day the fire alarm goes off in his building and he makes eye contact with a handsome young neighbor named Harry (Paul Mescal). Shortly after this, Adam "sees" his parents. They see him as an adult but they appear to be the same age as when they died.

Adam then runs into Harry again and again. The two men spend quite a lot of time together and their relationship grows. At the same time Adam sees his parents more often and they get to know Adam as an adult. They accept him as a gay man, learn about his new love and help Adam learn to deal with his grief of losing them so many years ago.

Both Adam and Harry are lost souls that have found one another. Adam must learn to let go of his parents and live with that loss. Harry has his own secret and we may discover it by the end of the movie. 


The 4K digital streaming video is excellent. The colors are absolutely gorgeous here with beautiful details and true to life skin tones. 


The audio mix is a solid 5.1 mix with very little surround activity. Dialogue is solid and the main part of the audio mix. 

Bonus Features:

Roots of The Story - taking a look at the creation of the film from book to screen and how the changes made for this version were personal to the director

Building Adam's World - adds to the first bonus feature by taking a look at scenes that were filmed in Haigh's childhood home


Loss and grief play a huge part in this movie as does love and acceptance. This is a sad film and this film proves that loss has no timeline. But also in grief, you can  find beauty and this film proves it. 

All of Us Stranger is available now on digital and on HULU.

*The film was provided for review by Walt Disney Home Entertainment and my review is strictly my own opinion*

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