Saturday, November 19, 2022

4K Digital Review: See How They Run


On the surface, See How They Run looks like a mystery that will go through the motions. It is 1953 in London's West End and Agatha Christie's "The Mousetrap" is celebrating its 100th performance with a lavish party. Hollywood Director Leo Kopernick (Adrien Brody) is murdered there and Inspector Stoppard (Sam Rockwell) is put on the case with rookie Constable Stalker (Saorise Ronan). 

The world is a beautiful take on the 1950s and the jazz score is perfection. David Oyelowo is fantastic as the obnoxious screenwriter and Harris Dickinson is superb in his take on actual "The Mousetrap" star Richard Attenborough. But Rockwell and Ronan are the true standouts here. They play off each other extremely well. 

The twists and turns of the film do its best to outsmart you. It is a very entertaining film and a wonderful gateway to newcomers to the mystery genre. 


The streaming 4K UHD video is stunning. Colors are bright and dazzling, skin tones are natural, clothing material details are crystal clear and blacks are inky. A wonderful transfer that we expect from Disney. 


The streaming 5.1 audio track is superb. From the very beginning the environmental of the street and the theater surround you, inviting you into this world. Dialogue is crystal clear, the score is vibrant and fills the room and ambient sounds fill in the rest in the surround channels. 

Bonus Features:

  • See How They Run Behind The Curtain – Hear from the talented filmmakers and cast as they pull back the curtain on the filmmaking process which had its unique challenges and rewards. Take a look at the special access to famous locations as well as the care and detail used to recreate them.


See How They Run is an entertaining film filled with laughs and a fun take on the mystery genre. The video and audio presentation shines though I wish there were a few more supplementary features. I am always a fan of a good audio commentary that would add to the bonus features. 

*The film was sent by Walt Disney Home Entertainment for the sole purpose of review. The review is solely my opinion.*

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