Thursday, November 21, 2019

Frozen 2 Review - Epic, Ambitious and Get Ready for New Songs!

Hard to believe, but Frozen 2 is the first theatrical sequel to a Disney animated musical. With that being said, Frozen 2 is also more mature, more ambitious and more intricate than the original. A deeply satisfying sequel as there has ever been one.

We get a little more time with Anna and Elsa's parents and a little more info on what happened to their parents before they were lost at sea.

And then heading back to present day, Olaf lets us know that Elsa made peace with her powers at the end of Frozen when she discovered that the key to all of it was love. So, life in Arendelle, seems normal until one night when Elsa hears a mysterious female voice. Who is calling out to her? Elsa needs to know and this leads us into our adventure!

This call to adventure leads to an enchanted forest filled with items seemingly taken right out of Norwegian mythology. There is a worldbuilding here that not only feels authentic but is also meaningful.

The animation tops itself over and over again. The level of detail and the rich colors add to each frame being a work of art. And the story takes us to new places. The story touches on ideas of environmentality, reparations and how do we should confront the past. While some of these ideas might be vague enough to fit into a hundred similar situations, it might make the most powerful as a learning tool for families.

And the cast is back to take us through all of this unfamiliar territory. The bound of sisterhood between Anna and Else grows and grows. Kristoff gets what might be one of the movie's best songs. And there so many other stand out songs once again. "Into the Unknown" is the one they are playing over the trailers but I think the one they should have used was "Show Yourself". But any Idina Menzel song is never a bad choice to set up your movie. Olaf again owns every scene he is in and gets a lovely dramatic moment as well.

Frozen 2 may have gotten a little older since the original debuted in 2013 but it has never forgotten what made it resonate with the fans, a warm heart and a generous spirit.

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