Friday, March 16, 2018

Snacking In The Parks: The Cove Bar Re-Opens Today (3/16/2018) until May 28th

Guess who's back? The Cove Bar's Back! Tell a friend! The Cove Bar in Disney California Adventure re-opened today and will remain opened until May 28th! After that time it will close once again until it re-opens as part of the Lamplight Lounge! But there a few things you should know!

1. All of your favorite drinks are back including the secret menu drinks! I am enjoying my first Zombie of the year!

2. You can still get the lobster nachos and yes, you can get them with tri-tip still or get them both for surf and turf!

3. The two highlighted items on the menu are new! The deviled eggs & toast and the tuna poke are not only new but will be on the new Lamplight Lounge Menu as well!

I went with the Tuna Poke and you are in for a treat! The "rice dome" is meant to be broken and you can see me doing so in the video below!

Such a fun interactive treat! Now, the big question, how did it taste? Amazing, just amazing! A lot of big pieces of sashimi grade tuna and all the flavors really work well together. There is a good amount of kick and i love that you use the broken "rice dome" as chips!

Here is my broken "rice dome" with the tuna poke!

That first bite will get to come back for more!

So, what are you waiting for? The Cove Bar is back until May 28th and get the Tuna Poke!

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