Thursday, June 1, 2017

Walt Disney Signature Collection - Bambi Anniversary Edition Blu-Ray Review

Bambi is a timeless classic, simple in design and story about a coming of age tale of a young deer who experiences the joys and fears and sometimes harsh realities of a very uncertain world.
Video Quality:
This is the same transfer from the original blu-ray 2011 release, and why not? This is a fantastic transfer! Disney is known for their beautiful restorations and Bambi is no exception. The film literally looks like a brand new film and not one celebrating it's seventy-fifth anniversary. The wear and tear on the film have been carefully removed. The colors of the forest are breathtaking and literally look like the animation cels are still drying. An absolutely fantastic transfer that still holds up after six years since the original blu-ray release.
Audio Quality:
The DTS-HD 7.1 surround track is also the same from the original 2011 blu-ray release, but once again why not? The soundtrack is phenomenal! The sound field is amazing with the sounds of the forest filling the rear channels. The dialogue is crisp and clean from the front channels. The original score is rich and vibrant throughout. Another outstanding job by Disney. 
Bonus Features:
The blu-ray comes with the DVD edition, a digital copy and a collectible lithograph (Dedicated to Tyrus Wong).
DisneyView – Plays the film with artwork in the side matting.
Studio Stories: Bambi (HD, 4:56) – Archival interviews from Walt Disney about Bambi, with scenes and sketches from the film and photos of the studio during the time of production.
Deleted Scenes With Introductions By Animator Floyd Norman (HD, 7:25) – Floyd Norman, an animator from the early days of Disney, introduces deleted scenes with storyboards and voice narration based off of Walt Disney’s personal notes and pitches.
Oswald The Lucky Rabbit: “Africa Before Dark” (HD, 5:50) – An classic animated short from the time Bambi was released.
The Bambi Effect (HD, 3:00) – An all too short featurette that goes over the influence and groundbreaking decision to draw animals true to life.
Bambi Fawn Facts (HD, 3:34) – A fun feature for kids that gives facts on the animals portrayed in the film.
Classic Bonus Materials from the Original Blu-Ray Release
  • Inside Walt’s Story Meetings: Extended Edition (HD, 1:35:55)
  • Classic Deleted Scenes (HD, 5:39)
  • Deleted Song: “Twitterpated” (HD, 1:52)
  • The Making Of Bambi: A Prince Is Born (HD, 53:15)
  • Tricks Of Our Trade-Excerpt (HD, 7:18) 
  • Inside The Disney Archives (HD, 8:39) 
  • The Old Mill: Animated Short (HD, 8:58)
  • The Golden Age (HD, 6:24) 
  • Original Theatrical Trailer (HD, 2:12)

An outstanding blu-ray though most of the features have been ported over from the original 2011 blu-ray release. While there are some great new extras, if you own the original 2011 release, you do not need to upgrade but if you do not own Bambi on blu-ray then this is the version to own! 

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