Saturday, February 25, 2017

Mighty Mug Review: The Mug That Won't Spill!

Have you heard of Mighty Mug and their claim? They claim that this is the mug that will not fall over. Imagine typing away on your laptop and you reach over to grab something and then you knock over your coffee! The coffee spills on your laptop and goodbye laptop! But, if you had your coffee in a Mighty Mug, you would knock the Mighty Mug and it wouldn't tip over! Check out my video below and see if their claim holds true!

If you are now a believer in Mighty Mug like I am here is a link to purchase one for your very own and plus it helps me as well!

Amazon: Mighty Mug

Disclaimer: Thank you to Mighty Mug for the free samples! The review is strictly my own opinion!

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