Friday, November 11, 2016

Dapper Day Fall 2016 at Disneyland with The Dapper Avengers! Part 2

Part 2 of our Dapper Day Fall 2016 coverage includes more photos and some of the awesome people we met! I loved these two young ladies I met as the USO Star Spangled Banner girls! This made for an epic photo!

Thor and Hulk take a lovely photo together!

Cap isn't worthy to pick up Thor's purse!

The power of Thor has nothing on this powerhouse in Toontown!

Hulk makes weight lifting looking easy!

Of course Tony would show off another one of his amazing cars!

I met another Dapper Captain America!

My awesome friend Sara is bounding as Edna Mode! We listened and no capes!

Another awesome Dapper Captain America!

We end the photo adventure in front of the Tower of Terror as it begins to make its transition into Guardians of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout! So it is fitting that The Dapper Avengers end their day here at what will soon become the first Marvel attraction in a U.S. Disney theme park!

I hope you enjoyed our photos from Dapper Day Fall 2016! Look forward to Dapper Day Spring 2017 in April!

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