Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Walt Disney Signature Collection: Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs Blu-Ray Review

Disney has re-released the one that started it all, "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" on blu-ray as the first title of its Walt Disney Signature Collection. 

Video Quality:

This is the exact same 1080p transfer from the Diamond Edition release. That being said, Snow White showcases Disney's commitment to high-quality remastering and restoration of the film. The details are staggering, from the brush strokes of the artists, to the rich colors and the inky blacks. 
One would have to imagine that the film has never looked this good. A loving restoration to the original colors and details of the original frames. Disney has outdone themselves once again.

Audio Quality:

The audio is also the same from the Diamond Edition release. The audio restoration is as remarkable as the video. The Master Audio 7.1 surround track takes the film's original mono track and creates an wonderful surround sound track that pays the utmost respect to the original. The score is rich and voices are crystal clear. 

Bonus Material:

Some of the bonus material is new but a majority of it was taken from the Diamond Edition release.

  • In Walt's Words: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1080p, 4:22): Archival audio footage from an interview with Walt Disney in 1956. Here Walt talks about the inspiration of the animated film, putting the animated film together, the film's premiere and what the film meant to the studio as well as it's own legacy.  
  • Iconography (1080p, 7:16): Taking a look at artwork inspired from the film as well as the latest Disney craze, Disney Bounding. 
  • @DisneyAnimation: Designing Disney's First Princess (1080p, 5:16): Animator Mark Henn, Art Director Michael Giaimo, Art Director Bill Schwab, and Art Director Lorelay BovĂ© sit at a round table discussion to talk about design, inspiration and artists who designed the characters for the film.
  • The Fairest Facts of Them All: 7 Things You May Not Know About Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1080p, 4:37): Sofia Carson from Disney's Descendants shares some fascinating facts about the film.
  • Snow White In Seventy Seconds (1080p, 1:12): Hear the story told through hip-hop.
  • Alternate Sequence: The Prince Meets Snow White (1080p, 3:39): A never-before-seen sequence featuring Snow White meeting the Prince for the forest time.
  • Disney's First Feature: The Making of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1080p, 33:15): A lengthier version of the supplement entitled The One that Started It All found on the Diamond Edition release, Disc 2.
  • Bringing Snow White to Life (1080p, 11:35): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Hyperion Studios Tour (1080p, 30:36): A condensed version of the in-depth Hyperion Studios interactive cornerstone from the Diamond release. 
  • Decoding the Exposure Sheet (1080p, 6:49): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Snow White Returns (1080p, 8:44): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Story Meetings: The Dwarfs (1080p, 5:51): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Story Meetings: The Huntsman (1080p, 3:55): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Deleted Scene: Soup Eating Sequence (1080p, 4:07): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Deleted Scene: Bed Building Sequence (1080p, 6:28): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Animation Voice Talent (480i, 6:20): From the Diamond Edition.
  • Audio Commentary: Commentary by Roy E. Disney and Historian John Canemaker, and Recordings by Walt Disney from the Diamond Edition.

If you did not pick up the Diamond Edition of Snow White then this Signature Collection version is a must-buy. But if you have the Diamond Edition version, which has an enormous amount of bonus material, then you do not need to pick up this release. 

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