Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Treasure Dash Plush Toy Giveaway - Unique iOS Game Helps Kids Stay Physically Active

A New Kind of Mobile Game Gets Kids Physically Active:
Treasure Dash brings a Virtual Reality experience to the iPhone and iPad

Treasure Dash from Monkey Mojo Games is available FREE on iPhone, iPad and other iOS devices at:

Can a mobile game get kids moving instead of sitting?  Treasure Dash does, by combining motion controls with virtual reality to get kids on their feet and moving as they explore a colorful & immersive 3D world in the spirit of classic Nintendo adventures like Mario & Zelda.

Monkey Mojo Games co-founder Marc Major explains, “We got tired of watching kids sit for hours playing video games.  It’s ironic—our mobile phones are paralyzing us. We wanted to change that by making gaming more active and fitness more fun. Treasure Dash gives kids a double shot of happiness—the excitement of gaming plus the exhilaration that only moving your body can bring.”

The app is available free at


APP ADVICE: “In this vibrant game of treasure hunting and enemy slaying, you have no choice but to be immersed in the gameplay … You will explore the lively scenery seeking out secrets as you feel like you are part of the game … you really do feel part of the experience … Although Treasure Dash is intended for children, it is honestly an enjoyable game for adults who are looking for something a little different … This is an entertaining, energetic game with fantastic graphics and great animations.” 

PROTO.IO:  “Games that Move You is the tagline for these mobile app designers, and they mean that literally and figuratively … Monkey Mojo Games wanted to build something to bridge the gap between mobile gaming and physical fitness. The challenge? Making it fun … Monkey Mojo Games proves that mobile gaming need not glue one to the couch. Getting your kids to be more active may start with a simple appstore download.”

MOMTASTIC: “"There’s a new kind of virtual reality game in town that [combines] motion gaming (think PlaystationMove or Wii U) with virtual reality in a way that makes sense to me. One to keep an eye on is Treasure Dash … makes kids get moving and keep moving in order to play the game. Kids are mobile and active while they are engaged in game play – up off the couch and literally jumping! Sounds pretty cool, right? …  It’s certainly given me a rethink about what ‘screen time’ has to mean. My screen-loving son was only too happy to download the app immediately (he’ll take any app, any time) and was soon bouncing around the house slaying enemies – I liked that very much! It makes me feel a lot more positive about where our kids are headed as they navigate the future."

So please download the game and try it out for yourself! I am also hosting a giveaway of Tiger from Treasure Dash! To find out more about either Treasure Dash or Monkey Mojo Games click on the links below:

Win this cute Tiger plush from the game Treasure Dash! This giveaway is open to U.S. residents only!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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