Friday, July 31, 2015

The Dirty Cookie - Milk and Cookies in a Cookie Shot!

Hey food fans! I'm back with a new food review! This time it is for the opening day of a great new place for cookies and milk, this is The Dirty Cookie! Located in the Union Market at The District in Tustin you will quickly see that this is not your typical milk and cookie place! The cookies are made into a shot glass shape and lined with chocolate and then milk is poured in and behold, you have the cookie shot!

The menu is pretty simple! There are cookie shots, cookie sandwiches and milk on tap!

I ordered my cookie shots to go and they poured the milk into separate containers. You can choose from regular milk, vanilla almond milk, chocolate milk and Madagascar vanilla cream milk.

*PRO TIP: order you cookie shots to go! The amount of milk in the separate containers gives you a couple of shots of milk and trust me you will want them to finish your cookie!*

Here is my to go bag with my milk containers!

I got one of each cookie shot! I also got a different milk for each of my cookie shots! The chocolate chip cookie shot I got chocolate milk, the Madagascar vanilla cream milk for the red velvet cookie shot and vanilla almond milk for the cookies and cream cookie shot! All of them were fantastic but the red velvet cookie shot was my favorite! All the cookies were soft and the fun came in the careful sip of the milk with a bite of the cookie! Such a fun twist on an old classic!

The Dirty Cookie is located inside the Union Market at The District in Tustin.


The Dirty Cookie
2493 Park Ave
Tustin, CA 92782

Business Hours: 
None give at this time

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