Friday, October 10, 2014

Disney Baby ECOS Mommy Blogger Event at Discovery Cube Orange County

From Writer and Contributor Daisy Sparks

Several weeks ago, the very first Disney Baby ECOS Mommy Blogger Breakfast was held at the Discovery Cube in Santa Ana. There was a lovely breakfast and chance to meet new friends.

First up was learning about the partnership between Disney Baby and Baby ECOS. The team from Earth Friendly Products (, a family owned business that specialized in environmentally friendly and non toxic products gave us the background info. Disney Baby partnered with Earth Friendly Products in 2012 to create Disney Baby ECOS: "products are non-toxic, effective and sustainably green — which makes them the best option for families as they look for ways to maintain a healthy home and environment."

There were so many things I learned about the Baby Ecos products ( Besides the products being non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and gets the job clean, there is much TLC in the production. Baby Ecos brands are made with plant-based ingredients, formaldehyde free, and petrochemical free. Sustainability is important to Earth Friendly Products so there are 4 US manufacturing plants strategically located in order to balance production and delivery costs. Baby Ecos is made in the US.

The morning proceeded with guest speaker, Krishann Briscoe. She is a Disney Blogger who shared her story about finding her voice by writing a blog. You can read the full context of her speech here: Other mommy bloggers shared their adventures into the blogging world. It was good to hear how blogging has become a medium to express your voice, and has provided a way to connect with others who have shared experiences.

My big take away is that Baby Ecos products is not only for infants. As their product states: "What’s good for baby is also good for the environment; safely free of phosphates, formaldehyde and petrochemicals, Baby ECOS® is also harmless in septic or greywater systems, quickly biodegrades and even has a recyclable bottle and cap." I would give the Baby Ecos laundry detergent a try if you or someone in your family has sensitive skin. If you are interested in sustainable and local products, Baby Ecos cleaning products might be a great value to you. 

Thank you to Baby ECOS for a lovely event and for this gift basket of their various products. 

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