Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Craft Time: Mickey's Valentine's Day Photo Frame

 Download Mickey's Valentine's Day Photo Frame Template!

How to make it

  1. Print the template on regular paper or cardstock (cardstock is highly recommended) and cut out the pieces.
  2. Use a craft knife to cut along the white border of the tab next to Mickey's shorts. This tab will be used to keep the heart frame closed.
  3. Add a photo to the frame. You can remove the light yellow heart shape in the middle of the frame and secure a photo to the back of the heart, or you can paste a photo to the light yellow heart shape.
  4. Apply glue or double-sided tape to the gray shaded area below the heart, then align Mickey's right hand and heart with that shaded area and secure the heart to the frame. Fold the front of the heart backward along the dashed line, and use the tab to keep the frame closed
  5. Fold back the two tabs of the stand, and secure the stand to the back of the frame. The bottom of the stand should align with the bottom of Mickey's pedestal.
  6. Present the frame to someone special on Valentine's Day!

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