Monday, October 1, 2012

EPCOT 30th Anniversary: Sasaki Time Fan Photos!

From Fan Shona!
From Fan Phylicia! It's like being in Cars Land!
Another great photo from Phylicia!
It's the Toy Story 3 gang! Thank you Phylicia for the photo!
One last photo from Phylicia and her awesome looking family!
From Fan Jodi! I love this night shot!
A great photo of Jodi and her family in front of Spaceship Earth!
One more great family photo from Jodi! I also love the sticker on her little ones nose!
And finally from Fan Lynda! Her and her family just came back yesterday from WDW!
Striking a pose with the boss!
This gets massive cuteness points!
One of the best shows ever created!
And we end with one more photo of Spaceship Earth at night!

Thanks to Shona, Phylicia, Jodi and Lynda who submitted photos! And to EPCOT - Happy 30th Anniversary!

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