Friday, October 12, 2012

Media Event: Indiana Jones and The Adventure of Archaeology (Part 1)

The other day a mysterious package arrived in the mail! Curious I shook it to make sure it was safe to open and them carefully proceeded to open it up!
I opened it! The package revealed a crate with this message! I opened the crate and found a long lost idol!
The idol even contained a disc with images of other rare and valuable antiquities!
Satisfied that there were no boobie traps, I opened the package to reveal this poster! It also gave me the coordinates of where to go to see these rare trasures!
Upon arriving at the location, I was given this parchment with the agenda for the evening.
I was also given this pass to allow me access to all of the rooms!
I saw this massive military truck! I had to stop to take a quick photo! I didn't notice until I developed the photo at home, but there was a man on top of the vehicle. As if he were holding on for dear life. Something about him seemed familiar. Hmmmm...
As you can see, it had rained earlier in the day. I hoped the evening wouldn't be a wash out!
My pass gave me VIP access into Club Obi Wan.
The band was out in full force tonight!
I first made my way up to the bar!
I had them make me an "adult" Shirley Temple!
Then, the onslaught of food came out! Yum monkey brains! It wasn't really monkey brains, but it was still good!
I had my doubts about eating the Lao Che Shrimp. Lao Che owned most of the underground area here and I knew he liked to poison certain food offerings to get rid of enemies or potential ones. But the coconut shrimp dipped in the mango sauce was quite delicious.
The Temple of Doom Skewers were very tasty. A lovely mild curry flavor went well with the chicken here.
Next to visit were the pyramid pies. They were light and flaky and delicious.
Any one want a bad date? Luckily there were no monkeys around here to have one of those. But these were bananas covered in bacon and caramel! I must have had an entire tray!
Here I was lucky to sneak off with an entire tray of Pouches of The Lost Ark! They tasted like heaven.
Speaking of heaven, the lovely Willie Scott came over. For some reason she wasn't allowed to sing on stage this evening, but then it meant more time for me to talk to her. She asked about my "adult" Shirley Temple and told me she knew her. I asked her what would be in a Willie Scott drink. Take a look at the video below of the world's first Willie Scott drink!
An unbelievable experience! By the end of the evening other people in the club were having their own Willie Scott drinks!
A better view of the Willie Scott drink!
The club owner even stopped by!
My lovely friend Valaree who showed up to the Club that night as well!
My buddy Jeremiah swung by the club that same night!
And my lovely friend Kellie also stopped by!
You never know what may happen at Club Obi Wan!

As you can see it was an amazing evening and we haven;t even made it into the exhibit yet. So, put down that last drink and let's head over to the exhibit....see you in Part 2 of the review!

The Discovery Science Center

The Indiana Jones and The Adventure of Archaeology Exhibition goes on until April 21, 2013!

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