Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Review of Stacked

I have been waiting for this restaurant to open for months now and it did not disappoint! Located at the Del Almo Mall in Torrance, Stacked is another restaurant in a growing list of restaurant specializing in customization of your food. Like Freebirds and Pieology and countless other places, Stacked offers burgers, pizzas, sausages, shakes, salads and even cookies and ice cream to customize. For those that are less adventurous Stacked offers items that are already Stacked.

They utilize the use of iPads at your table to order your food and drinks. It's so much fun to order this way and send your order off to the kitchen. Within minutes your order arrives! What a neat way to order food and not have to wait until everyone is ready to order. While printed menus are still offered, you still need to use the iPad to place your order and send it off to the kitchen.

So let's take a look at the printed menu to show off all the options. Here are the burger options:

Here are the pizza options:

The salad options:

The sausage options:

The cookie sandwich options:

The shake options:

The beverage options:

But here is the all important iPad interface!

They suggest that you order your drinks first so we looked through the list of sodas and beers and wines and decided on shakes! I ordered an apple pie shake that was simply amazing! It was recommended by one of their VP's who helped create all of the shakes on the menu. The shake tasted just like an applie pie that was little on the crust and heavy on the apple!

My friend put together his own shake with chocolate syrup and chocolate chips!

We also ordered some sweet potato fries with a creamy BBQ dipping sauce. The fries were fresh and hot. The dipping sauce was smooth with just the right hint of BBQ sauce and perfectly complimented the fries.

We also ordered regular fries with regular ketchup. These fries were also fresh and hot.

I couldn't resist ordering the homemade chips with a garlic aioli dipping sauce. The chips were fresh and light and the garlic aioli was strong, just the way I like it.

The shakes and the sides came out almost as fast as we ordered them. Then we went to the task of putting out meal together. My friend put a salad together. Everything was light and fresh, just the way she wanted it.

I put together a burger. The photo below shows the way I stacked my burger. It's cool to see the different layers come together on your creation! I chose a brioche bun, a medium rare cooked angus beef patty, swiss cheese, green leaf lettuce, bacon, red onions, pickles, avocado, and stacked sauce.

Here is my burger. The patty was cooked to perfection. I would say the burger is right up there with DG, it's just that good! For some reason we forgot to take a pic of my other friends burger.

Then we moved on to dessert. One of my friends ordered the snickerdoodle cookies and I went for the snickerdoodle cookes with fresh strawberry ice cream. The cookies were nice and soft and the ice cream was just creamy. Just a perfect ice cream sandwich.

A great meal and I want to come back to try the pizzas and the sausages. Ordering off the iPad is a dream and there are plenty of employees to come by to offer assistance if you need it.In the future, when you sign up and join their club, you will be able to save your Stacked choices to post and share on Facebook and other social media. If other people order what you have put together, it will give you credit. If this means credit towards free food or what, I'm not quite sure. but it also means you can use the preorder button on the screen to place an order for items you have already Stacked in the past.

Also, the use of the iPad lowers their cost and they pass the savings to you. So, for two shakes, sweet potato fries, fries, homemade chips, two burgers, a salad, an order of cookies and a cookie sandwich, the cost came out to just under $47. What a great deal!

Stacked is opening two other locations this year in San Diego and later in Cerritos. I will be there at the Cerritos one but plan to visit the Torrance location again soon!


  1. amazing! i have to go asap. also, nice job on the very thorough review. tons of info!

  2. Thanks man! Every review I'm trying to get a pattern down to write better and better reviews with the info that I know people want!

  3. Anxious to try as well. Have trouble reading the menu items from the angle of the pictures you took, but the food looks great, especially the ice cream sandwich!