Saturday, June 18, 2011

Review of the Pogi Boy Truck Debut!!!

Today was the long awaited debut of the Pogi Boy Truck! My friend Jessica and I went to the IE Food Truck Fest to support our friend Brent and his food truck debut!

I have my ticket in hand and I am ready to go in!

Check out the line behind us!

We were the first ones in line at the Pogi Boy Truck! Jessica is ordering her foot long lumpia!!!

Here is my foot long lumpia! Coming out fresh from the truck! The novelty of this was so great! When we walked around everyone was asking us what that was and where did we get it! The foot long lumpia was even better than the smaller lumpia that the rest of us are use to! I only want foot long lumpia from now on! They also gave just enough sweet chili dipping sauce to go along with it!

I also ordered the taco trio which was a beefsteak taco, a chicken adobo taco and a crispy pork taco! I already ate one before I realized that I didn't take a picture yet lol! Underneath the tacos is that foot long lumpia! The tacos were even better than the ones I had at preview night! Brent took some minor recommendations and really delivered on the flavor and juiciness of the meat and skillfully combined vegetables in each of the tacos!

Take a look at the Pogi Boy Truck! I love the color scheme! It just pops out of the crowd!

Congrats on their second place finish in the "Life of The Party" category at the Food Truck Fest! But that thanks really goes out to their "man on the street" interviewer Jordan who was infectious and had great energy to talk to the crowd and passersby!

That's Jordan talking to folks as the Fest just opened!

Check out their web site at:

The Pogi Boy Truck

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