Friday, May 13, 2011

Review of Mama's On 39

Hey Sasaki Food Time Fans - bringing you an exclusive first look here on sneak preview day of Mama's On 39! I have been looking forward to this day since I first saw their pictures of the food on the menu! It suggested home cooking and rules just like mom's!

Check out the cool logo!

First off - I love the industrial vibe of the restaurant! Steel pipes on the ceiling and wood floors! Second - the service was "Disney" quality! But let's skip that and get to the food!

Take a look at the menu:
The first page convinced me to try one of their speciality drinks. I went with the strawberry sherito - a lovely blend of fresh strawberries muddled with canton ginger liquer, soju vodka, ginger root and mint leaves. This one was dangerous! It was like a nice sweet strawberry drink. You couldn't taste the alcohol - it was blended in perfectly!

We opened up the menu and saw that there was something we had to try - the bacon biscuits with honey butter! They came out piping hot and you could just smell the bacon as you opened the biscuit - more of a muffin really - up! Then you spread some of that honey butter on and it was just perfect!

We saw that the menu looks more geared towards breakfast which is fine to us and we both went with the chicken and waffles! The waffles were bacon waffles of course and come with gravy or syrup! We both went with syrup and it's actually a citrus syrup! Quite delicious and they should sell it! Hint, hint! The waffles were perfectly cooked with a nice crispy crunch on the edges and nice and soft in the center! The chicken blew me away! Some of the best fried chicken I have ever eaten! Each bite was juicy and flavorful! Added bonus - no bones! All four pieces were boneless fried chicken perfection!

We of course saved room for dessert because I knew that they had my choldhood favorite Thrifty brand ice cream. They scoop it out for you in a cup or a cone and bring it right to your table! I had the rainbow sherbet and it brought back fond childhood memories!

We would definitely be back and hope to bring you along! Great service from an amazing staff! Thank you for the assistant managers to come on by and introduce themselves as well! We will be back with friends!

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Mama's On 39

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