Friday, April 22, 2011

Sasaki Food Time tshirt Giveaway Contest!!! Starting May 1st!!!

Hey food time fans -
  The first of hopefully many Sasaki Food Time merchandise contests is starting May 1st!

  All you need to do is submit a photo of yourself eating at your favorite place and explain why you deserve a Sasaki Food Time tshirt to my Sasaki Food Time Facebook Fan Page! I will create a Contest photo album and the photo with the most likes will win a tshirt from my CafePress store! It's just that simple! But there are a few rules! The photos and explanations need to meet Disney-type standards so no photos in poor taste, no use of offensive language, you get the idea. Any photo or explanation failing to follow these rules will be eliminated!

  So, get out there take a creative photo of yourself and write a creative explanation why you deserve a Sasaki Food Time tshirt! and if you don't win this time - there will be more contests in the future!

***UPDATED April 24***
The photo should be of yourself at your favorite place to eat and the description should say why you deserve a shirt!