Monday, April 18, 2011

Leading Sasaki Food Time into the Future - focus, contest news, celebrity videos!

Hello everyone! Just wanted to thank all of you for your support over the last several months! Without you - Sasaki Food Time would not be the fun food blog site that it is!

So, here is some exciting news to take Sasaki Food time into the future!

First - I am going to bring focus to the food blog by focusing on Orange County. Now this doesn't mean that from time to time there will be reviews from places outside the Orange County area but the focus will be the OC! I want to make Sasaki Food Time one of the top food blogs to look up places to eat in Orange County!

Second - I am going to begin contests to reward you for bringing people to follow me on Twitter, the FaceBook fan page and of course here at the actual blog site! I hope to start either the first of May or June! Contests will run for a month unless otherwise noted and you will win great Sasaki Food Time merchandise!

Third - the reviews and video reviews will remain but there will be a new video category featuring celebrities! Well at first those that are celebrities to me! I'll be going with them to their favorite places to eat in the OC! Look for those videos to start rolling out over the next several months!

Hope you are excited for these new offerings as much as I am!

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