Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Johnny Reb's Review

So I finally went to Johnny Reb's last night and man I will be back. I am a big fan of BBQ and love the ambiance here. It's like going to a good friend's house down in the South. I loved the fact that there was Grape Nehi and RC Cola on the menu! Classic old school sodas!
They also have peanuts and you just toss the shells on the floor. Those peanuts are addicting but I wanted to make sure I had room for my dinner which consisted on babyback pork ribs, hot links, fries, bbq pinto beans and cornbread. The cornbread was not as sweet as i was use to but there was plenty of butter and honey and lots of bbq sauce to dip it into! The bbq pinto beans were warm and had a rich flavor. The hot links and yes I stress the plural word LINKs! Most places only give you one link but here there were two and they were spicy! I love spicy and these had just the right amount of kick. The highlight though was the babyback pork ribs. The meat just fell off the bone. There was no need for a knife and fork to cut the ribs apart from one another. The pork was just juicy and that bbq sauce was just perfect.
Great service and even better food will keep Johnny Reb's a place I keep coming back to for great backyard style bbq!

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