Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Freebirds Fanatics Rewards Program

Hey all - I forgot to mention that Freebirds also has a card carrying rewards program for frequent diners! It's pretty simple and pretty much every single Freebirds participates in the program except the one in Santa Barbara. As soon as you pay for your first meal they will give you a card to register online. Every purchase is good for one point except if you order a super monster burrito which earns you 2 points! Your points earn you : 
  • Redeem your rewards for food and “FREEBIRDS STUFF”
    • 5 Stamps = Pot Brownie, a Chocolate Chip Cookie or a bottle of Freebirds Death Sauce
    • 10 Stamps = a t-shirt or one of the following entrĂ©es: Freebird® Burrito, Hybird™ Burrito, Quesadilla, Nachos, Burrito Bowl, Freedom Salad or Three (3) Tacos
    • 15 Stamps = Monster™ Burrito
    • 20 Stamps = Super Monster™ Burrito or Hat
  • Gain access to special promotions including birthdays and anniversaries
  • Receive special offers – exclusive to cardholders
  • Be ‘in the know’ for upcoming restaurant openings and events
My card only has 2 points so far but I can't wait to load it up with even more!

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