Friday, June 24, 2016

Life, Animated - An Inspiring Journey on Autism and the Power of Disney

Disney animated films hold special places in people's hearts for many reasons but one family in particular can say that Disney animated films gave them their son back.

Life, Animated follows the story of the Suskind family and in particular, their son Owen. Owen, who is living a seemingly normal childhood begins to lose his motor skills and social skills at the age of three. This is when the family learns that Owen is autistic. Then one day about three years later, Owen speaks and his parents discover that the Disney animated films he had watched over and over again had given him a way to express himself. We also see an animated story that Owen came up with about a boy who is the Protector of Sidekicks.

As Owen continues to grow we follow his journey from living at home to living almost entirely on his own, to his relationship with his girlfriend Emily, to getting a job and discovering who he is. His story is an inspiring one and helps us to answer the question, "Who decides what a meaningful life is?"

Watch the trailer below:

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Life, Animated 

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