Saturday, June 18, 2011

Preview Night for Pogi Boy Food Truck

I have been waiting for years for my friend Brent to come up with a restaurant or something to show off his cooking skills. Well, my wait is soon to be over. Tonight Brent invited a large portion of his friends to try some of his food for his Pogi Boy Food Truck that he hopes to launch this summer in Orange County.

Here is Brent working hard for preview night!

The Pogi Boy fries topped with chicken adobo, sour cream, guacamole, and cheese. The adobo was soft and tender and full of flavor. I loved the guacamole and actually wanted more of it! The portion size was just right and went great with the tacos and the quesadilla.

The delicious pork belly taco! The pork belly was perfect and the slaw really pulled this taco together! The fresh squeeze of lime made this perfect!

The beef quesadilla! This one didnt even need anything extra! A great blend of cheeses and tender beef just blended together nicely.
Apparently I forgot to take a photo of the other two tacos just by themselves. The two tacos together were the beef taco and the chicken adobo taco. both came with a nice bed of bean sprouts that added a great crunch to the taco!
I kept the lumpia for last because they were my absolute favorite! The blend of pork, shrimp and bacon with sweet chili sauce was addicting! I had two orders and took home even more for tomorrow!

This is only part of the menu to get reaction and from all the smiling faces this was a great success! I'll be there for the launch of Pogi Boy and you'll get that info as soon as I do. Who knows there may even be a special deal for Sasaki Food time fans too!


  1. This looks FANTASTIC!!! You should seek out and try 'THE LOBSTA TRUCK'.... Woah BABY, NOW THAT'S GOOD EATIN'!!

  2. Just wrote an article on Pogi Boy. Brent & Kimmie are such great people that make happy food. PPAA (Pilipino Pood Addicts Anonymous). Happy Eats!