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4K Digital Review: The First Omen


The original 1976, "The Omen," is a masterpiece of the horror genre. Directed by Richard Donner, this movie showcased his way of being able to manipulate an audience. This redefined the horror movie and proved that you can keep people on the edge of their seats without the use of the typical horror movie cliches. Since then, the other movies in the franchise have been on a steady decline.

This brings us to, "The First Omen," a prequel that tries to fill in the gaps leading up to the original. The story follows Margaret (Nell Tiger Free), an American woman who moves to a Rome orphanage to devote her life to the Catholic Church. She meets Father Brennan (Ralph Ineson) who reveals that the orphanage is a front to bring about the birth of the Antichrist. 

The premise of the movie was intriguing but sadly the story does not live up to the legacy of the franchise. The tension and suspense in the original trilogy is left to jump scares here. The film also fails to utilize some of the wonderful score of the original. But one of the highlights is the visuals that completely capture the essence of the 1970s. Also, Nell's performance is solid as Margaret, as she transforms from an innocent person to a determined and strong-willed protector.  

Bonus Features:


  • The Mystery of Margaret  Join director Arkasha Stevenson and stars Nell Tiger Free, Bill Nighy and Maria Caballero as they dive into the character of Margaret, her relationships with other characters, and how she’s manipulated while trying to solve the film’s horrifying mystery.

  • The Director’s Vision – Director Arkasha Stevenson talks about her love of horror films, the opportunity to expand on The Omen legacy, and crafting The First Omen entirely through a female lens. She also describes shooting in Rome, and the cast recounts working with Arkasha.

  • Signs of The First Omen – Join the director and talented artists as they reveal some of the symbolism within the set designs and the costumes. Learn how the use of practical effects blurs the line between what is real and what is not in The First Omen’s terrifying world.


If you are a fan of The Omen franchise then you will want to see how it all began. Some good bonus features that sadly are better than the film itself. 

*The movie was sent to me by Walt Disney Home Entertainment for the purpose of review. The review is entirely my own opinion.*

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