Saturday, September 30, 2023

4K Digital Review: The Boogeyman


Based off of a classic short story by Stephen King, The Boogeyman starts in a horrific manner with a baby's murder. We then cut to the Harper family who is dealing with the loss of their mom. The father, Will Harper (Chris Messina) is a therapist, trying to reconnect with his teenage daughter Sadie (Sophie Thatcher) and the youngest Sawyer (Vivien Lyra Blair). To add to their problems is Lester Billings (David Dastmalchian) who comes to Will to talk about a being who killed his kids. 

Will's daughters start seeing a mysterious being in the house. The sisters work together to figure out what is happening and if they can get rid of the monster. But they get brought into a nightmare and now their lives are on the line.

For a PG-13 movie, you get a solid jump scare movie with little gore. The Boogeyman looks at fear and paranoia based upon grief. A solid horror movie that will make you think if the monster was real or just a way to show how people overcome fear and grief.


The 4K digital stream video is a solid transfer. For a film that is very dark, even in the daytime shots, the black levels and details are rich and inky. There are a lot of blue and gray filters throughout the entire movie. The black levels show off incredible detail. The HDR and Dolby Vision enhancements also help showcase the details in the dark. 


The Dolby 5.1 track is solid and goes hand in hand perfectly with the fine video transfer. The front channels provide crystal clear dialogue. The surround channels will go into overdrive when you hear the monster moving around the room. An aggressive audio track is perfect for this type of movie.

Bonus Features:
  • Into the Darkness Featurette – Open the door into the dark world of The Boogeyman as the cast and crew share how the terrifying tale, based on Stephen King's classic short story, was crafted.
  • Outtakes – It’s not all just jump scares and bumps in the night. Join the cast for some lighthearted fun in the outtakes.


The Boogeyman is a solid popcorn, jump scare monster movie. The solid video transfer and audio track really stand out here. A couple of short bonus features round out this release that will be a fun popcorn watch or a welcome addition to your library as a Stephen King fan.

The Boogeyman is now available on digital and on Blu-Ray and DVD October 10th.

*The movie was sent to by Walt Disney Home Entertainment for the sole purpose of review and the review is entirely my own opinion*

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