Monday, October 18, 2021

Disney's Jungle Cruise Digital Review


Jungle Cruise takes its inspiration from the beloved attraction of the same name and combines it with elements of several hit films to create a fun adventure for the entire family. Without going into spoilers you will get hints of The African Queen (ironically which the attraction was inspired by), The Mummy and Pirates of The Caribbean. 

Searching for the Tears of the Moon, an ancient tree with mythical healing abilities, we find Dr. Lily Houghton (Emily Blunt) and her brother (Jack Whitehall) in need of a skipper. They find their man in Frank Wolff (Dwayne Johnson), a man who is full of surprises. Right behind this trio is German aristocrat Prince Joachim (Jesse Plemons) who wants the tree and it's healing properties for his own sinister plans. 

As we head down the Amazon, we learn through a series of flashbacks about the history of the tree and get some insight about Franks past. We become more attached to Frank and see how Frank and Lily grow closer together. There is slapstick comedy as well as ample references to the attraction itself. Wait until you hear how many great one liners that the skippers actually use on the attraction are in the film! The chemistry of the actors works really well together and comes across the screen in the best of ways. 

Video Quality:

The 4K Dolby Vision video is pristine. The blacks are rich and inky, the details on clothing are well defined and the jungle looks as if you can reach out and touch it. Another excellent digital transfer from Disney. 

Audio Quality:

The 5.1 Dolby Atmos audio is solid with dialogue that is not drowned out by the score or sound effects. The sound effects such as the sounds of the jungle immerse you into the movie as you hear the sounds  of birds behind you.  James Newton Howard's score comes across brilliantly and becomes a character itself. 

Bonus Features

There is a wealth of bonus features here! Starting with the Jungle Cruise Expedition Mode which is as close to an audio commentary that you will get. You get a lot of fun information about the history of the Jungle Cruise attraction as well as some great behind the scenes details about the making of the movie. The Once A Skip, Always A Skip featurette is another favorite as it features a few former and current Jungle Cruise skippers at Disneyland including a friend of mine that I had no idea was making an appearance. Then the deleted scenes are all great and add some further insight into the storyline. 

  • Jungle Cruise Expedition Mode – Climb aboard a ramshackle tramp steamer (or your own couch) to learn fun facts, discover Easter eggs and catch some pop-up trivia throughout the movie.
  • It’s A Jungle Out There: Making Jungle Cruise – Director Jaume Collet-Serra, the cast and crew discuss the importance of the film’s elements, from casting to makeup to the use of an ancient indigenous language, in creating the world that honors one of Disneyland’s most beloved rides.
  • Dwayne And Emily: Undoubtedly Funny – Go on-set with the two stars, whose newfound friendship helped them project a natural onscreen chemistry. Although their characters challenge each other throughout the film, the actors make each other laugh. A lot!
  • Creating The Amazon – Explore the cinematic artistry involved in creating the world of “Jungle Cruise,” including how Frank’s boat coursed “dangerous” water in a tank in Atlanta, how a town was built in Kauai, and how a ferocious jaguar came to life, among other amazing effects.
  • Once A Skip, Always A Skip – Join a panel of “Skippers” at the Disneyland Resort as they reminisce about the rewards, challenges and surprises they’ve experienced while helming the world-famous “Jungle Cruise” attraction, and hear their advice to aspiring skippers everywhere!
  • Outtakes – Step behind the scenes of the production to catch the cast in a series of flubs, falls, foibles — and a whole lot of laughter.
  • Deleted Scenes
    • MacGregor Drives The Boat
    • MacGregor Water Skis
    • Joachim And Nilo On The Dock
    • Frank Talks To Proxima & Lily’s Nightmares
    • Sub Gets Stuck
    • Proxima Surprises MacGregor
    • Frank Gets The Cold Shoulder
    • Trader Sam And Lily Walk In The Jungle
    • MacGregor And Trader Sam Say Goodbye
    • Frank Makes Tea For Lily

Final Thoughts:

Jungle Cruise is a solid summer movie full of action, adventure, comedy and heart. It's a fun ride and filled with great extras! Highly recommended! 

Jungle Cruise is now available to purchase on Digital and will be released on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray and DVD November 16.


I was provided a free digital copy of Jungle Cruise for this review. All of the opinions are my own. No other compensation was received. 

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