Friday, May 14, 2021

SPEED for the First Time in 4K Ultra HD Review


Keanu Reeves stars as a bomb squad officer who is sent to diffuse a bomb that a crazed-man with a grudge (Dennis Hopper) has planted on a city bus. One of the passengers (Sandra Bullock) finds themselves driving the bus and must keep the bus speeding through the streets of Los Angeles at more than 50 miles per hour – or the bomb will explode. A high-octane chase of suspense, nonstop action and surprise twists, “Speed” is full of pulse-pounding thrills that will keep you on the edge of your seat!


Video Quality:

The 4K UHD presentation makes Speed look like it is straight out of the theaters and not looking a day older than it's 1994 debut. Close-ups showcase fantastic facial definition and you can see the wear and tear on the bus. The video presentation also shines in the natural light as the spectrum of colors cannot be matched by the blu-ray. 

Audio Quality:

The audio is the same DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 lossless soundtrack found on the blu-ray. It still sounds fantastic as ever! The score by Mark Mancina is large and booming! Dialogue is crisp and clear. Subtle effects fill the rear channels. This is still one of my favorite blu-ray mixes and honestly not much could have been added here.

Bonus Features:

The UHD only adds the legacy commentaries but the Blu-Ray includes a lot of "new" extras, at least new to Blu-Ray. 


  • Audio Commentary by Jan de Bont
  • Audio Commentary by Graham Yost and Mark Gordon
  • NEW! Action Sequences
    • Bus Jump
    • Metrorail Crash
  • NEW! Inside Speed
    • On Location
    • Stunts
    • Visual Effects
    • HBO First Look: The Making of Speed
  • NEW! Extended Scenes
    • Jack Shoots Payne in the Neck
    • Payne Lives/Cops Party
    • Annie’s Job
    • After Helen’s Death
    • Ray’s Crime
    • Cargo Jet Explosion: The Airline Version
  • Speed Music Video by Billy Idol


The 4K UHD presentation couldn't be better! The rich colors, the loseless 5.1 audio track is still superb and lots of new extras not on the original Fox release make this a must add to your collection! 

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