Saturday, April 4, 2020

Craft Time: Kermit Easter Egg

Kermit Easter Egg Template PDF
Time: 1 Hour

What You’ll Need

  • Wooden egg
  • Small piece of a soft craft sponge
  • Medium green acrylic craft paint
  • Scissors
  • Cardboard tissue tube
  • Glue sealer, such as Mod Podge, and a soft paintbrush for applying it
  • Craft paper (red, pink, light green)
  • Tacky glue and small stiff paintbrush or wooden toothpick to apply it
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Black fine-tipped permanent marker

How To Make It

  1. Sponge-paint the egg medium green, and then set it aside to dry. (Tip: A piece of rolled scrap paper secured with a staple or tape, makes a handy stand to set the egg on while the paint dries.)
  2. Cut a 3-inch length from the cardboard tissue tube. Cut the tube up the back and then overlap and staple together the ends to create a 1¼-inch-wide tube. Paint the tube medium green, and set it aside to dry.
  3. Print the template. Lightly brush a coat of glue sealer over the pair of eyes and let the sealer dry (this shouldn’t take long). Meanwhile, use the other template pieces as patterns for cutting out the specified shapes from colored craft paper.
  4. Glue the pink tongue in place centered atop the mouth. Then, cut out the sealed eyes and glue them atop the green eye backings. Let the glue dry.
  5. Turn the egg upside down (with the pointed end at the bottom), and glue the assembled mouth in place, positioning the lower edge of the paper ¾ inch from the bottom of the egg.
  6. When the glue has dried, pencil short curved smile lines on the egg at both corners of the mouth, then carefully trace over them with the fine-tipped marker.
  7. Brush a protective coat of glue sealer on the egg, going right over the paper, to seal it and to give it a little sheen. Seal the surface of the tube and Kermit’s collar, as well.
  8. Once the sealer has dried (this shouldn’t take long), lightly pencil placement marks on the egg for the eyes (the lower edges should be about ½ inch above the mouth and the sides should be about ¼ inch apart). Apply glue to the lower half of the paper on the backs of the eyes, and attach them to the egg at a slight angle. Let the glue dry.
  9. Meanwhile, snuggly wrap Kermit’s collar around the top of the tube, overlapping the ends and gluing them together on the back side. To give the collar a little more dimension, use your fingers to curl the points away from the tube. Then set the egg atop the finished stand, and your Kermit Easter egg is complete.


Cutting should be done by an adult.


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