Thursday, June 6, 2019

Restaurant Review: Nitrolado's Latest Location Adds Awesome Food to the Menu!

Sasaki Time was invited to a media preview of the new Nitrolado in Westminster. Already known for their amazing nitro ice cream, signature churro bowls and crafted beverages, this latest location adds a large selection of small bites! With the addition of great indoor and outdoor seating areas, you have a perfect place for a meal and dessert!

Their are comfortable seating areas to make it feel like your new home away from home!

Not only could I not wait to have their nitro ice cream again, I was most interested in trying their new small bites menu! We started with the Honey Butter Sweet Potato Chips! The browned butter, California honey, sea salt and cracked pepper added to the crisp sweet potato chips and the perfect way to start!

We then got the Pho King Fries, be careful how you say that! But you get brisket, gravy, cheese, fresh herbs and house sauce over fresh fresh fries that combine to taste like a bowl of pho! Absolutely amazing and a new favorite!

Next up is the elote dip! Massive amounts of cheese with corn and spices and fresh tortilla chips are so good that you can't stop eating them!

The signature item is the Doodle Nut, an amazing combination of a savory ramen donut perfectly fried up and served with some spicy house sauce! It's like delicious chow mein noodles in a handy and fun way to eat it! This is totally my favorite and will become one of yours as well!

Take a look at our pull video below! The hand model is not me but my lovely friend Kara! The Doodle

We then tried the Korean Fried Cauliflower! This is a tasty and guilt free treat! Served piping hot and so tasty that you can swear that it is almost like eating Korean Fried Chicken!

Last up before we move on to dessert is the Nitro BBQ Pulled Pork Sliders! Nitro slaw with pulled pork, bbq sauce and churro buns! The pulled pork was so tender and the bbq sauce is really flavorful!

Beleive it or not we still had room for dessert and started with an order of churro puppies! These are the OG cinnamon and sugar ones and served hot and fresh! They reminded me of beignets and go great with any of the delicious ice coffee drinks!

But the main dessert attraction remains the nitro ice cream! Take a look at our video above! We couldn't decide what to get so we got the Ube Cookie Monster, Strawberry Sorbet and the Vietnamese Mudslide! All were amazing! I love ube and so happy to see it on the menu, the sorbet was perfectly smooth and creamy, and the mudslide had the wonderful flavor of Vietnamese coffee!

I expect Nitrolado has another huge hit on their hands with their latest location in Westminster! Expect good crowds and even better small bites, nitro ice cream and drinks!

Nitrolado is located at:
Address: 10212 Westminster Ave #115, Garden Grove, CA 92843

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  1. I love their honey butter sweet potato chips I the only one not here for mystic messenger...but because how amazing these chips are? Lol. I can’t go to the asian restaurant every week because it’s so far! But i love their menu.