Wednesday, February 27, 2019

First Look at the Costumes for Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland

As we get closer to the opening of Star Wars Galaxy's Edge at Disneyland, we got a look at the costumes for this exciting new land. The costumes are nothing short of exciting and game changing. Calling it "Mix and Match" the costumes can be combined with different pants and tops and can be accessorized with various hats, jackets and scarves. This will allow Cast Members around 20 variations for each costume. The planet of Batuu will come alive with each of its citizens. Let's take a look at the various costumes we will see.

First, we were treated to the costumes that will be worn by the custodial Cast Members. Gone are the all familiar white costumes and here the custodial Cast Members will seamlessly blend into this remote outpost.

Next up were the costumes for the female citizens of Batuu which I believe are for the merchandise Cast Members. All of the materials used are soft and lightweight and breathable which should make it comfortable even during the summer months on Batuu.

Then came the male costumes for the citizen of Batuu. The individual styles of each Cast Member really shine and will make Batuu feel like a real place.

Closer look at one of the costumes. This looks and feels like Star Wars.

Next up we got a look at the foods Cast Member costumes. All of the costumes so far have been amazing!

Next up are the costumes for the Millenium Falcon: Smuggler's Run attraction.

For the Rise of the Resistance attraction Cast Members will be able to decide to embrace the resistance or the First Order. Here are the costumes if you choose the resistance.

Finally we get a look at the costumes for the First Order for the Rise of the Resistance attraction. Which side do you choose?

Also, the Cast Member name tags in Batuu will get a unique look. They will feature the Cast Member name, their name in Aurebesh and an homage to Black Spire Outpost.

After the reveal everyone received one of three new Star Wars Galaxy's Edge posters. This is mine and it is for the Rise of the Resistance attraction. I predict that this will be my favorite attraction of the two.

Hopefully we will get looks of the food, drinks, merchandise, droids and creatures of Batuu in the near future.


  1. u called it about the food, drinks, and merchandise, lol! i can't believe how awesome everything is so far turning out. (actually, i believe it, it's disney, after all). i'm so jealous that u were able to go, but thank u so much for posting, as well as giving commentary on all the looks. i was saying to a friend that i would love to have some of the costume pieces to wear as regular clothes. love some of the jackets and scarves!

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