Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Spring Dapper Day 2018 - Classic Black and White Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse

For Spring Dapper Day 2018, Charlotte and I decided upon classic black and white Mickey and Minnie Mouse. Charlotte created some amazing one of a kind accessories for us including my hand painted music playing tie, our amazing hats and her wonderful hand painted parasol.

No better place to start our day than at the Main Street Cinema and our first cartoon Steamboat Willie.

This is my traditional Dapper Day photo! Happy to have Charlotte now be part of that tradition as well!

My awesome custom umbrella from the always awesome Matt and Amanda!

Sitting on the couch of my house!

I still enjoy sitting on the floor to watch TV.

Meeting the real Mickey Mouse! Mickey lost his mind when he saw our accessories!

Time to take the car out for a spin!

We had to also meet the real Minnie Mouse! She was also super excited to see all of our accessories!

We love Dapper Day!

At the old Disney Bros. Studios!

Enjoying the day on Buena Vista Street!

Hanging with the Storytellers Statue! We had to spend a little time with the boss!

The end of a perfect Dapper Day! We had a magical day and I hope Charlotte is back again soon to enjoy another Dapper Day!