Friday, April 28, 2017

Guardians of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 Is The Perfect Start to Summer (Non-Spoiler Review)

The Guardians of The Galaxy are back in a movie that is even more action packed and visually stunning that the first! And at the same time, it is also a more deeply personal story, exploring the ever changing dynamics of the relationships between the characters. We find out even more details about the characters, what truly motivates them and sometimes with very surprising results. This isn't to say that there are role reversals but instead that these are real people with many sides to them.

One of the best things about Marvel is that they love flawed characters and showcase their issues as a conflict between who they are and what they do. Here, The Guardians of The Galaxy fight evil alien creatures and yet at the same time have a strong sense of loyalty.

One of the greatest strengths in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is shown here in Guardians of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 and it is in the very characters themselves. We love the Marvel characters because of their flaws, they remind us of ourselves, and that maybe, just maybe we can also overcome our own flaws and achieve something more. This movie is more so about family than even the first one. And just like an real family, blood relatives or not, there are times we fight against one another but in the end we work together because we are stronger united.

While all of this deep character development is going on, there is still over the top action and humor that you have come to expect from the first one. If you didn't want all the Groot things before the movie, you will want them after! You will get everything that you expect and more, but the thing you will most remember is what you didn't expect from this movie. The character arcs brings some of the characters closer to one another or further apart. All the returning cast is excellent here. They take to their roles like they have been in them their entire lives. The characters of Nebula and Yondu are the defining arc here. Kurt Russell ass Ego is a welcomed addition to the cast and one can image him as Peter Quill if this film was made in the 1980s.

Guardians of The Galaxy, Vol. 2 is a pure joy. The visuals are spectacular, the humor has been cranked up from the first film, and yet it is emotional and full of heart. The nostalgia factor also plays a wonderful role here with great references to the past, Baby Groot is a winner for all age levels, a solid story and summer movie season is off to a flying start!

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