Saturday, January 28, 2017

The Best Meal in Disney California Adventure during Lunar New Year's (Jan. 20 - Feb. 5, 2017) Is...

The Cach Chien Ca Gion Ngon, which is the whole crispy tilapia with chili-lime vinaigrette. You can find this meal, meant for a family or two very hungry people at the Paradise Garden Grill. For $24.99 you get this massive tilapia, rice, steamed vegetables and two bowls of clear broth soup with onions and mushrooms. 

Here is the full family-style feast! This is a massive meal!

You get a nice portion of steamed rice and steamed vegetables.

The clear broth soup with onions and mushrooms is served hot and is very tasty. You get two bowls of this!

But the star is the main course which is the whole crispy tilapia which is light and delicious. The chili-lime vinaigrette is a perfect compliment to the fish.

It is really hard to believe that this amazing sit down quality meal is coming from a quick service restaurant. The price is an exceptional bargain for any theme park and I hope it finds a way to stay on some menu somewhere so I do not have to wait until next year to have it again.

To try this exceptional meal you will have to hurry as the food offerings for Lunar New Year's only last until February 5th. Now excuse me but I have to get back to the park to have this meal at least one more time!

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