Monday, April 25, 2016

Behind The Scenes Look at the Creation of this Awesome Lil Oishi Nail Art created by Rachel

My super talented friend Rachel has started her own nail art business, creating sports team logos, hobbies and just about anything you can think of! I challenged her with one of my favorite Lil Oishi logos! Rachel was kind enough to take us behind the scenes of the hard work she put into creating this unique piece of art for my wall!

Rachel started with sketching out the logo.

She than cut out the sketch.

Paint was applied.

It's really coming along now! Rachel told me that one of her biggest challenges on this project was deciding what should be painted and what should be stringed. She looked for balance and will use this technique in her future projects as well!

Here come the nails and the first set of string!

Here is the finished product! Doesn't it look amazing?

A cool angle view of the art piece!

And here I am, the beyond satisfied customer with my amazing piece of art! It proudly hangs on the wall in my living room for all to see as the come into the Sasaki Time home!

Thank you to my lovely friend Rachel as she took us behind the scenes of one of her most challenging projects to date!

To find out more info from Rachel and have her create something awesome for you, email her at

To take a look at some of her creations, check out Rachel_nailedit on Instagram!

Lil Oishi is the mascot of my blog Sasaki Time and created by the awesome Jerrod Maruyama!

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