Monday, February 22, 2016

Snacking In The Parks: Banana Corn Dogs to Celebrate Disney's Zootopia!

To celebrate Disney's Zootopia, Award Wieners in Disney California Adventure is offering the banana corn dog from today (February 22nd until March 18th). Yes, you heard correct, banana corn dogs! Two bananas dipped in a corn and  honey batter and topped with powdered sugar! It also comes with chocolate and raspberry (or as they call it - red "pawpsicle") dipping sauces!

The windows at Award Wieners have a description of the banana corn dogs!

These banana corn dogs are delicious! I recommend first dipping a banana in the raspberry sauce first then the chocolate! And at only $5.99 plus tax you can't go wrong with this awesome snack! Now excuse me while I go back in line and get another order!

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