Tuesday, December 1, 2015

SmartGames Butterflies and IQ Blox - Perfect Games for Your Kids to Increase Problem Solving Skills and More!

Are you looking for games for your kids but want games that are not only fun but actually help them improve their critical thinking and problem solving skills? Well look no further than these two great games from SmartGames! Check out Butterflies and IQ Blox!

Butterflies is a tile game that is recommended for kids 6 and up. You move the tiles around to match up the butterflies. Seems easy enough but can you get through all 48 challenges? There is a booklet included with the game that shows you how to set up each challenge.

The game is totally portable as it comes with a lid that snaps on to the game board. This way you can keep all the tiles together and makes it perfect for taking on the road!

The second game is IQ Blox. This one is also recommended for ages 6 and up. There are 120 challenges with this game! There is a booklet to show you how to set up all the challenges. The goal is to fit the color pieces around the white "U" shaped pieces. Sounds easy? Trust me it's not as easy as it seems! A great game for even adults such as myself!

As with Butterflies, IQ Blox is totally portable and perfect for a trip!

SmartGames has these and lots of other great games to increase your child's critical thinking, logic and problem solving skills! They are totally affordable and portable!

To learn more check out their site: SmartGames USA

*Thanks to SmartGames for sponsoring this review*

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