Saturday, October 31, 2015

Blu-Ray Review: Toy Story That Time Forgot

The Toy Story gang is back in an all-new made-for-tv special that is now on blu-ray for you to enjoy at home. Originally airing on ABC on December 2, 2014, the gang is back and it is Christmastime. Bonnie has some new toys and along with her old ones, are off on a play date with her friend Mason. Mason made out like a bandit this holiday season and got an awesome new video game system complete with virtual reality headgear and seat. Bonnie goes to join Mason in playing video games and leaves her toys in his room. The toys explore on their own and run into the Battlesaurs, a group of warrior dinosaurs. What starts out as fun and games quickly turns into a real battle for survival. It's up to our gang to convince the Battlesaurs that they are toys as well.

In the end, the kids find that playing with the toys is what brings them true happiness and for the toys it is being played with by the kids that brings them true happiness.

Video Quality

For a made-for-tv special, they quality is feature film perfect.  The 1080p transfer is what you expect from Disney. The colors are rich and vibrant as are the details such as textures.

Audio Quality

The DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack is solid for a tv special. The center channel dialogue is crystal clear and the surround channels bring a fantastic level of immersion.

Bonus Features:

  • Reptillus! (1080p, 10:51): A great look at creating the backstory for the characters, their design, animation as well as a look at the voice acting.  
  • Toy Story Goes to Comic-Con (1080p, 3:39): A great look at the Toy Story That Time Forgot panel at San Diego Comic-Con.
  • Karaoke: My Unexpected Friend (1080p, 3:59): Choose between: Reptillus Sings and You Sing where the first one is performed by Reptilius and the second has no lyrics so you can sing without accompaniment.
  • Battlesaurs -- Animated Opening (1080p, 0:50): A mock-up opening sequence for the fictitious Battlesaurs cartoon show!  Just one of those great additional details that makes Pixar so great!
  • Deleted Scenes (1080p): Battlesaurs Christmas (3:06), Prisoners of Bone (1:22), SOS (1:07), Trixie's Proposal (1:55), and Light of Play (1:51). With Director Steve Purcell introductions.
  • Audio Commentary: Director Steve Purcell and Head of Story Derek Thompson offer a fantastic audio track on the creation, themes, influences, characters, designs and more for the special. 
  • Sneak Peeks (1080p): Previews for Disney Movie Rewards, The Good Dinosaur, and Inside Out.

Toy Story That Time Forgot is a wonderful addition to the Toy Story universe. A story that you would expect from Toy Story, funny, at times a sense of peril and of course a lot of heart. The video and audio quality are top notch and there is a great amount of bonus material that makes this a welcomed additional to your blu-ray collection. 

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