Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Discovery Cube OC New Expansion, Sherlock Holmes Exhibition Preview and a Giveaway!

Last night some friends and I were invited to check out the amazing expansion at the Discovery Cube Orange County. Not only was I excited to see the expanded and remodeled 44,000-square-foot campus but to also check out the Sherlock Holmes Exhibit. The Sherlock Exhibit is the first exhibit in the new 10,000-square-foot Julianne Argyros Showcase Theater and Exhibition Hall.

But before we get to far into this post, there is an awesome giveaway at the end of this for a one-year family membership to the Discovery Cub Orange County!

But let's get into the Sherlock Exhibit! As huge Sherlock Holmes fans, my friend Drew and I decided to cosplay for the event.  Let's see if we can match wits with the world's greatest detective! Quickly now for the game is afoot!

Before you head into the exhibit you are given a handy notebook to log all of the areas you have explored. Trust me, read everything, take in all the clues!

The first room is filled with background on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. You will learn more about the person that Doyle based the character Sherlock Holmes off of as well as see many of Doyle's writings and see many first edition books.

Then it is off to the London Underground and learn about some of the latest and greatest scientific breakthroughs and discoveries of the day.

You can learn more about botany, ballistics, photography and more. Take the time to read and try your hand at the various activities. They may play out in the very near future.

Each station has a hands on activity. Children will be entertained and educated as will adults. As a group of adults we were absorbing all of this knowledge. The storytelling aspect of this exhibit is top notch.

At the last station we got a secret code and now we were off to Baker Street and to the home of Sherlock Holmes!

221B Baker Street is breathtaking! Take the time to look around and take in all the amazing details!

Sherlock's violin sits ready to play.

Looks like the detective was having a bit of breakfast.

It was good to see that Drew and I had chosen the proper hats to wear for the evening.

At the request of Sherlock we head to a crime scene. We are there to test the Scotland Yard's findings. A life hangs in the balance as we race against the clock.

The crime has taken place in this room. We get to read the findings and then get to test to see if these findings are accurate.

Not wanting to give away the details of the tools and apparatus we will use to help solve this crime but it is all hands on!

Literally put the pieces together, go back to the crime scene and see if you can solve the crime.

You will learn more than may already know. Read everything presented to you very carefully.

You will even have to go to a slaughterhouse to use a test that Sherlock has set up for you.

Will you be able to solve the crime? We did! And now we challenge you to do the same!

After solving one of the greatest mysteries of all-time, you now get to take a look at Sherlock Holmes in popular culture.

There are props and costumes from various TV shows and movies.

You will also find games, comics and more all based on the world's greatest detective.

There is even a look at forensic science that follows in the very footsteps of Sherlock Holmes to solve crimes.

The Sherlock Exhibit is hands down one of the most entertaining I have ever experienced. As a group of adults we were all challenged and worked together to solve the crime. You will work together with your kids or your friends and discuss the evidence and what you have seen with the tools on hand. Such a wonderful team effort that will challenge both young and old alike.

Other new exhibits are found throughout the newly expanded Discovery cube Orange County. Some of these have come from the sister location at the Discovery Cube Los Angeles. In fact all of my favorite exhibits there have made their way down here with a focus on Orange County.

Above is the Inspector Training Course where you get to explore the homes backyard to eliminate invading vectors. You use a touch screen tablet and learn how to coexist with and keep your own home free of vectors.

The Helicopter Tour is another favorite that has made its way down to the Discovery cube Orange County. You take a virtual helicopter flight over the Irvine Ranch Natural Landmarks and learn about the public parks and the protected wildlands including the endangered plant and animal species that live there.

Also brand new is Bean Sprouts Cafe, a kid-friendly cafe and cooking school. they offer healthy foods that have gluten-free, vegan, dairy-free, casein-free, nut-free and egg-free options. There is an amazing variety of food including "Imaginibbles," a line of themed, hand-held foods designed to make eating healthy fun.

One of these "Imaginibbles" is the Do-Re-For-Me. This is one of my personal favorites. The finger sandwiches look like piano keys and it is made with organic jam and sunflower butter. It is a tasty and healthy sandwich that kids and those young at heart will love!

On the way out make sure you stop by the gift store that contains tons of great science related gifts and a good collection of Sherlock themed gifts as well.

You can even get an outfit so you can cosplay as the great detective himself.

I also highly recommend this great Official Exhibition Guide. I bought one at the end of the night.

The Discovery Cube Orange County is one of my favorite places in the area with an emphasis on fun and education. The Sherlock Holmes Exhibit begins on June 11th and runs until September 7th. The other exhibits run year round and is a fantastic way to spend the day with your family.

For more information please click on the link below:

Discovery Cube Orange County

And now it is time for a giveaway! Enter below and you have a chance to win a year pass for you and your family! The giveaway ends on July 8th! Good luck!

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