Tuesday, May 26, 2015

From Condor Flats to Grizzly Peak Airfield - Before and After Photos

On Friday May 15th, the Condor Flats area in Disney California Adventure faded into yesterland as the Grizzly Peak airfield opened. The time period has moved from present day to the 1950s to better theme in with the rest of the Grizzly Peak Recreational Area. Let's take a look around the re-themed area and great extension to the Grizzly Peak Recreational Area.

Taking a look at the above photo you can see that some of the rockwork has been removed and re-colored. Gone are the palm trees and pine trees have replaced them.

Gone is the industrial steel look of Taste Pilots' Grill and welcome the forest greens and browns for Smokejumpers Grill. There is a much friendlier vibe and the addition of trees and the smell of pine really add to the forest feel here!

The forest greens and browns continue as the Fly N Buy has become Humphrey's, named after one of my favorite Disney bears. Sadly, there was no Humphrey merchandise to be found! I do like the retro Coca-Cola coolers and that they kept the Condor Gas fuel pumps as a tribute to Condor Flats.

The restrooms have improved and look like there is a lot more upkeep in the area than the previous abandoned airfield. I love the quotes by John Muir on the building.

The billboard advertising Grizzly Peak has gotten rid of the bad pun and looks like it came out of a page from Sunset Magazine. The airplane has changed it's colors and is now part of the Grizzly Peak Park Service. Also, all the palm trees have been removed.

The rocket engine has been replaced with a lookout tower and pine trees. I love the natural look and that there is now a great seating area.

At last we have a look at the hanger. Gone is the Soarin' Over California sign on the building and replaced with a more National Park looking sign. The tan color is the original hanger has replaced with a forest green. The palm trees and the tall lightpoles have all been replaced with pine trees and more natural looking wood lightpoles. Even the asphalt has been replaced with a more natural looking pavement.

As far as the actual attraction is concerned, the switch to digital has finally happened. You get a 4K quality experience. You have never seen the film look this good. All the scratches and other imperfections are gone and you are left with pristine colors. The projection system now utilizes four different projectors utilizing digital projection mapping to stitch the four images together into one seamless film.

Hope you enjoyed your look back at the original Condor Flats and the newly re-themed Grizzly Peak Airfield.

Hope you get a chance to visit as this is one of the many new offerings during the Disneyland 60th Anniversary Diamond Celebration!


  1. I like these comparison histories. No pics of the station wagon full of camping gear though?

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