Saturday, July 26, 2014

Restaurant Review: Dreamland BBQ (Montgomery, Alabama)

When you are in the South, you have to stop and try some of the BBQ. While this may be a given, you may wonder where one should go for some pretty amazing BBQ. Well if you are in Montgomery, Alabama then you have to go to Dreamland BBQ. What a great name, Dreamland BBQ. Let's go find out if their BBQ is what dreams are made of.
For me BBQ and beer go hand in hand. I am a big fan of trying a local beer or two when visiting another city. My fantastic waitress offered to try the Truck Stop Brown Ale. A great local beer similar to taste to Newcastle!
Awesome potato salad! Thick and creamy and full of flavor! Great by itself and even better with BBQ!
The creamiest mac n' cheese ever! I think I will just keep this for myself!
Fresh cut fries with ranch! All of these great sides is a great way to get ready for the BBQ!
Look at the spread! Ribs, sausage, pulled pork, slice of white bread, cole slaw and beans! Everything was fantastic! The ribs were moist and meaty! The pulled pork was moist and tender ! The best though were the sausages offering great smoky flavor!
The banana pudding at the end of the meal was the icing on the cake! Something so simple is smooth and delicious! Perfect way to end the meal after so much filling BBQ!

Great service and fantastic BBQ will make you feel like you at home!
Dreamland BBQ
101 Tallapoosa St Montgomery, AL 

(334) 273-7427

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