Thursday, December 1, 2022

4K Digital Review: Amsterdam

Amsterdam boasts one of the most impressive casts from writer-director David O. Russell. Cinematographer Emmanuel Lubezki brings his powerful visuals to create a stunning period piece. But that is where the excitement ends. The film is both slow and action-forward and it doesn't seem to know which one it wants to be. 

Burt Berendsen (Christian Bale) is a doctor and a veteran with a glass eye. He is friends with Harold Woodsman (John David Washington) a lawyer and fellow veteran. They become friends with nurse Valarie (Margot Robbie) and become involved in a very confusing plot surrounding the murder of their former commanding officer. 

The surrounding cast, while notable, are given too little to work with. The main cast gets too much to cover.  The confusing but overly-explained plot distracts from the movie and almost makes you feel like we are not part of the movie.


The 4K streaming video is sharp and looks fine. Blacks are deep and inky, colors have a nice saturation to them and skin tones and textures look natural. 


The Dolby 5.1 comes off as fairly soft in terms of volume. Dialogue is clean and crisp from the center channel. Atmospheric effects such as engines and gunshots are solid.  

Bonus Features:

Welcome To Amsterdam – Learn how this original, witty crime epic was made. Hear from the writer/director about his process, the actors who transformed into their characters, and discover how the production created the period look of this visually spectacular film.



Amsterdam should have been a great film, but the confusing plot overshadows the excellent cast and the beautiful time period set pieces. This is a rental first. The digital download is available now. 

*The review copy was sent to me by Walt Disney Home Entertainment strictly for purposes of review. The opinion is strictly my own.*

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