Sunday, November 26, 2017

Snacking In The Parks: S'more Root Beer Float from the UVA Bar in Downtown Disney Anaheim

This is the first edition of Snacking In The Parks that takes us to Downtown Disney! You must try this S'more Root Beer Float from the UVA Bar! One of the best root beer floats ever and look at the massive s'more on top!

They take Henry Weinhard's Root Beer, toasted marshmallow ice cream, topped with a housemade s'more and whipped cream! The toasted marshmallow ice cream is full of bits of toasted marshmallow that tastes so great with the root beer! The s'more on top is made to gooey perfection!  Plus, the UVA Bar is in outdoors and in the middle of Downtown Disney so it is the perfect place to see and be seen!

The cost is $12 and worth every penny!

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