Sunday, March 27, 2016

Three Broomsticks Restaurant Review: Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood

If this is your first visit to Hogsmeade, uh I mean the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studios Hollywood, then follow me to some of your amazing food choices at Three Broomsticks! No visit would be complete without butterbeer, a butterscotch cream soda that comes in frozen form (my personal choice) or straight up. The warm version will be served up starting April 7th.

After attending class in Hogwarts and taking on Harry Potter and The Forbidden Journey, it's time to eat! Head over to Three Broomsticks!

Amazing details and great place to eat some of the best theme park food around! The food here is English pub fare that comes in Hagrid-sized portions!

The lemon-herb roasted chicken with potatoes and a full ear of corn! The chicken is moist and tender and really flavorful. Potatoes are tasty and I had to order another ear of corn because it was so sweet.

The spare ribs plate is fantastic as well. The meat falls off the bone. They also give you additional BBQ sauce on the side and those amazing potatoes and corn come with it as well!

The Sunday roast is a massive piece of prime rib. It was so large that I couldn't finish it all. You get potatoes, steamed vegetables and a roll!

There are still bangers and mash, a Guinness stew, a vegetable plate and the truly massive Great Feast which can easily feed four.

Keep in mind that they do not sell muggle drinks like soda here. The closest thing to a soda is this great pumpkin fizz.It's a carbonated version of their pumpkin juice that they also sell. But if you are need of some beer or other alcohol, keep reading after we get to dessert.

For dessert I tried the butterbeer potted cream in case you haven't had enough butterbeer yet. It was really rich and sweet and comes in this awesome glass container. You can't keep the glass though so don't even try to take it with you.

The best dessert is the sticky toffee pudding. It is rich and filling. You will love it!

Right next door is Hog's Head tavern. Yes, that hog's head does move from time to time.

But step up to the bar and you will find some familiar beer favorites but don't get one of those, get one of the three beers unique to Hogsmeade. Try the Hog's Head Brew red ale, or the Dragon's Scale lager or the Wizard's Brew porter. If you're not a beer fan they will also mix up some signature cocktails too.

Get your favorite brew in one of the souvenir mugs. It's plastic but still looks cool!

Now that you are totally full, it is time to return to the rest of the village of Hogsmeade and stoll into the shops to walk off an amazing meal!

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