Monday, January 12, 2015

Taking A Closer Look at The Grizzly Peak Airfield replacing Condor Flats in Disney California Adventure

Now that we know that Condor Flats in Disney California Adventure is getting re-themed into an extension of the Grizzly Peak Recreational Area, let's take a closer look at the changes we will see.

This conceptual art can be found in The Disney Mountains: Imagineering at Its Peak by Jason Surrell.

This was the entrance way into Condor Flats from the Carthay Circle. A very non-descript entrance into this desert airfield. With the opening of Cars Land, I did not see the reason why the park needed two desert themed areas. It makes sense to get rid of one of the desert areas and Condor Flats lost out. This re-theming was suppose to occur with the massive 5 year re-do of Disney California Adventure that concluded with the opening of Cars Land and Buena Vista Street in 2012.

Here is the entrance way according to the conceptual art. I would love to see this Grizzly Peak sign clearly indicating the entrance to this area. It reminds me of the signage one would see at our National Parks like Yellowstone and Yosemite.

The old Taste Pilots' Grill. I was sad when they took down the model of the Bell X-1, That was the first sign that change was eventually on its way.

The new Taste Pilots' Grill would get an olive green paint job along with the addition theming to make it look like a high mountain restaurant.

The old Fly 'n' Buy store.

The old restrooms.

The concept art shows and updated paint job and additional theming to the area. It would be cool to keep the Condor Gas on the gas pumps as a tribute to the Condor Flats area.

The original color scheme and entrance to Soarin' Over California.

Here you can see the olive green color of Taste Pilots' Grill extends to the hangar as well. The screens in both theatres are being replaced and say goodbye to the old film projectors, this film will now be in crystal clear digital after being cleaned up and restored by the folks at the Walt Disney Animation Studios. Expect new speakers and I'm hoping a few other surprises such as show elements that were left out of the attraction before it opened back in 2001.

Say goodbye to the rocket jet out in front of Soarin' Over California.

As you can see in the concept art it looks like a water tower. I'm sure it will still spray down water or do something similar when it's warm.

And the great Bear Left sign and the plane look like they will remain as well.

As you can see the construction walls are already up!

We will welcome the Grizzly Peak Airfield in May of this year! I cannot wait to see the changes! How do you feel about the upcoming changes? Leave your comments in the comment section below!


  1. They kept chipping away at the Taste Pilots' Grill. They took away the yummy waffle fries. Then they took away the jet sticking out of the front of the restaurant. Next they took away the delicious Rocket Ribs. Near the end, the cheeseburgers tasted like they were a day old. This was once our favorite California Adventure restaurant.

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