Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Anaheim White House Review

So first I have to start off with, why have I never been here before? Owner Bruno Serato told me that I must make sure to return here and not wait 20 years to come in for a visit! After tonight I will be back time and time again! The ambiance is picture perfect. We just came in for desserts and coffee while we listened to the silky jazz sounds of Emily Simonian who was performing live inside the White House. Emily who is amazingly talented and her voice blended in perfectly with the atmosphere of this amazing restaurant. By the way even though Emily is the voice of my official food blog song, trust me when I tell you that she is a talent waiting to be discovered. I'm attending her cd release party in L.A. in December but enough of that for now. The desserts were amazing and we had a tough time deciding! And for those of you who know me, you know that's amazing just on it's own! I had the dolce al zabaglione, a delicious white cake with creme and strawberries. The cake was light and reminded me of a moist hawaiian sweet bread. The creme topping had a wonderful liquor flavor to it. My friends Andrew and Katey had a wonderful apple tart and a chocolate banana tart. Both came topped with spun sugar that was much like cotton candy. There was very little to no talking at the table once the desserts arrived. We will be back!

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  1. I love the Anaheim White House! It's totally unexpected in that neighborhood, but great ambiance and delicious food!